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Our goal

To improve knowledge and skills in English in government employees and educators according to EU standards:

  • To read original examples of international legislative documents.
  • To communicate with international colleagues using different channels
  • Successfully pass the test in foreign language demonstrating knowledge and skills.


How to study?


  • Step 1: decide to learn to communicate in English
  • Step 2: apply as a state or educational organization.
  • Step 3: login
  • Step 4: carefully read the user guide.
  • Step 5: pass the test (according to results program takes you to the appropriate level for you).
  • Step 6: study and enjoy results to site administrator.
  • Step 7: communicate in English everywhere and with anyone.

Who is studying?

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Kirovohrad Regional State Administration
Kyiv City State Administration
Lviv Regional State Administration.
Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
National Bank of Ukraine
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
State Emergency Service of Ukraine
State Employment Service of Ukraine
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
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Association for Innovative and Digital Education


Development in innovative education, and especially in digital kind of it, is what modern world demands. LingvaSkills is a project where efficient techniques of learning foreign languages join the on-line learning and gamification, which makes learning not only efficient but also exciting.

Oleksandr Byk, Deputy head of Association for Innovative and Digital Education

We must join for the education of the new generation of government officials who speak English. Very soon English will become one of the most important criteria when selecting candidates for government positions

Salvarovska Nina, CEO Charity foundation "Mission of good acts"

«I am convinced that thanks to the implementation of this innovative social project, government officials will be able to work with international documents in original language - first of all with the EU legislation, to communicate with their foreign counterparts, expand their knowledge, and allow for their efficiency at work and further their career thanks to their new skills and competences only.»

Stanislav Kutsenko, Head of Main Department of Justice of Kyiv


Address: Kyiv, Rognidinska 4 Str.

phone number: 044 331-10-31 (з 9-ї до 18-ї)

Email: info[@]

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